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Change Team: 
Game 1
by posted 10/23/2021


  Happy Saturday Night Everyone!


   As you konw our first game is tomorrow.  After many changes it is confirmed that our game is at 8:40 am at EASTON.  I have the jerseys for everyone, we will be playing in DARK BLUE.  

Please try and be fully dressed and ready to step on the ice 10 mins early.  Sometimes they are ahead, and given the early game i'd like all the boys to get a chance to wake up and get their legs moving before puck drop.

Thanks everyone, have a great night and please reach out should you have any questions.



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Wolfpack Welcome
by posted 10/17/2021

Good Evening Everyone -


    My name is Josh Rudinsky and I'll be one of the coaches you'll see this season.  Brian Supsak is the assistant coach and we have great help from fellow coaches Craig Brazeau, and Scott Carlson.  We all have the same goals of wanting all the kids to have fun and improve as players over the course of the year.  There will be lots of information coming out in the next couple of weeks, that will be important so everyone knows the schedule.  Please at least read the emails from our team as they'll usually have important info.  

  I personally know most of you already from prior seasons, but for those that don't I'm looking forward to getting to know your son and you as well.  Feel free to reach out to my info below if you have any questions going forward.


  Housekeeping items:


1.  Practice jerseys will be given out and should be worn for all practices - no game jerseys.

2.  Game jerseys will be initially in your possession for about 60 seconds - then we'll get them off to get the last names put on them. Then they are yours 😊

3.   As the year progresses we'll be talking more about possibly going to a tournament.

4.  As a team during the games we play 4v4, and the plan is to have all the kids rotate through as goalie AT LEAST 1x.  If anyone likes it then we can increase the frequency.  The plan is to go in alphabetical order.

5. If your child is sick, please stay home.  Anyone that tests positive for COVID and has been deemed as close contact shuts down not only our team, but potentially the entire Red group for ten (10) days.

6. Quick Team Meeting:  If possible, let's plan on a brief (10-15 mins)  meeting up on the mezzanine after practice tomorrow Monday, October 18th.

7. Info:

Josh Rudinsky


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