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Player Stick

Taping the blade of your stick

Step 1: Tear off a piece of tape about 8" long. Attach it to the bottom of the blade. Press down firmly on it so that it sticks to both sides of the stick. This strip will serve as added protection at the point of greatest contact between the ice and blade.

Step 2: Begin wrapping the blade from the heel. Apply your tape tightly and avoid any wrinkles. How far apart each revolution is placed is up to you. By placing the intervals close to each other you get lots of cushion. If you like a firm surface spread the tape out.

You should end the tape job about a 1/2 inch from the toe. Always place the end of the tape on the backhand side.

Taping the butt end

First wrap the very top of the butt end with cloth tape. Many wraps if you want a large knob and less if you want a smaller knob.

Next, twist about a foot of tape, making sure that the sticky side is on the outside. Then, wrap it around the stick, spiral fashion, starting at the knob and going down.

After the twisted tape has been applied, wrap tape over it. It may be necessary to add another layer of tape. Push down to establish a firm bond.

Taping the Goalie Stick

The Butt End
There are two reasons for making a knob on the end of your goalie stick.
(1) To stop the stick from sliding out of your blocker hand - especially on poke checks.
(2) The knob helps you grab the stick off the surface of the ice.

Wrap the butt end round and round to form a good size knob that you are comfortable with.
Then crisscross the knob to hold it in place. Simple

The Shaft
Never apply tape to the shaft of your goalie stick. The stick must slide smoothly in your hand.

The Blade
Begin and end your tape job on the back side of the blade. If your wraps are wide apart, your stick will be lively. If your wraps are close together and you apply more layers, your stick will have a cushion.

Remember, each layer adds weight. Most goalies avoid using friction tape on their blade and they rarely wax the tape.

After you have taped your blade, add single layer Xs which crosses the grain of the tape job. This will give your blade a better grip on the puck.