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CCYHA House Development Program
Development Program Overview

As part of CCYHA’s ongoing focus on player development at all levels (house and travel), we are excited to announce plans for a newly established House Development Program, designed with a focus on advancing house players’ skills while providing a fun, team-focused atmosphere. The Development Program will replace the current house Select structure.

The decision to change this model is focused on developing as many players as possible in the best way possible. It allows us to get players on the ice in more meaningful ways by helping them develop essential hockey skills and increase their puck possession time. Small-area games are a proven way to develop hockey skills, and are being used at all levels of hockey, including travel, AAA, college, and the NHL. 


Development Program Highlights:

  • Teams: There will be one team per age group for 8U (Mite), 10U (Squirt), and 12U (Peewee). Each team will consist of 25-34 players. The team will likely be broken into two balanced “sub-teams” for any external tournament play.

  • Team Selection:  A standard and consistent evaluation process will be used across all age groups throughout the month-long house evaluation process. 

For the 2018-2019 season, due to the number of players this season at some of our divisions, we are adjusting the selection process for from last year. This year, evaluators/coaches will identify possible development players during the weekly conditioning practices.  This allows players to perform throughout a longer period of time, where some players may be missed or may not perform at their best.  Based on the conditioning practice evaluations,  players will be invited to participate in an additional evaluation session.  These invite-only sessions are at the Dublin Chiller and scheduled below:

  • 8U/Mites on Sunday, October 14 from 1-2 PM 
  • 10U/Squirts on Thursday, October 18 from 7:00 - 7:50 PM
  • 12U/Peewees on Thursday, October 18 from 8:00 - 8:50 PM

All players invited to participate on a Development Team will receive an invite from CCYHA. Once all players have committed, the Development Teams will be posted on the CCYHA website, consistent with the process for Travel team selection and communication.

  • Practices: In lieu of weekly practices, Development Teams will have a mix of practice and play small-area skill-development games focused on a specific skill each week. These sessions will be held during the week. The ice time is in addition to house practices and games.

  • Games: In addition to the weekly small-area games, each Development Team will participate in two to four tournaments throughout the season. The tournament schedule will align with weekends that house hockey is not in session. House remains the main priority for all Development Program players.

  • Cost: The cost for the Development Program will be $500, which includes ice costs for the weekly practice/small-area games and entrance into two to four tournaments, as well as team jersey(s). This is significantly lower than costs paid in the past by most Select teams. All house fees must be paid in full in order to be considered for the Development Program.  

  • Opt-Out: Player's can opt-out from being considered for the program by complting this FORM (click here) by October 13th.


We are excited about the opportunity to introduce a proven model for player development and continue to build on our house league to help our players develop and increase their skills.

If you have questions please email Gord Rivington, Director of Hockey Operations, at 


We look forward to another exciting year of CCYHA hockey!