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The following is a quick list of penalties and their definitions:

Slashing – Hitting or swinging at an opponent with the stick

Holding – Impeding the progress of an opponent by using the hand, stick or other

Elbowing – Checking an opponent with the stick

Hooking - Using the stick to impede the progress of an opponent.

Tripping — An action against an opponent's leg which causes the opponent to fall.

Charging — Body checking an opponent at an excessive speed; checking or pushing from behind.

High-Sticking — Carrying the stick above normal shoulder-height. If the violation results in an injury to an opponent, a major penalty should be assessed.

Interference — Impeding the progress of an opponent who is not in possession of the puck.

Cross-Checking — Checking an opponent with the stick across the body.

Boarding — Driving an opposing player into the  boards with a bodycheck

Spearing  —  Called for using the stick like a spear

Checking From Behind — An extremely dangerous action characterized by a player checking an opponent directly from behind. Parents, players, coaches and referees must all work to eliminate this infraction from our sport