Welcome to our New Website!!!

CCYHA is so excited to announce our new website on the Crossbar platform!

Here are some tips to help you sign on to Crossbar!  You will need an account to register for any CCYHA program.


Click on "Log in" (if you have a Crossbar account with another association) or "Sign Up" (if you need to create an account) in upper left corner above the skater (if you are on a computer).  Enter your email/password.  You will receive an email to activate the new account. All parents who wish to receive team emails must sign up for an account.

Log in with your email and password and enter your contact information. Click on New Participant and enter player information.*

*If you already have a Crossbar account from another association you will see those players already so you will be ready to register them in CCYHA programs too.