Code of Conduct - Parents

This policy is adapted from the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Parent’s Code of Conduct.

As a caregiver/parent(s) of the Columbus Chill Youth Hockey Association (CCYHA) participant, I (we) am/are in agreement: 

  • That it is a privilege, not a right, for our child/children to play youth hockey.
  • That sportsmanship, teamwork, and fair play are essential to the sport of hockey, and as such are the most important skills that our child/children can gain from youth hockey.
  • That because our child/children learn from our example, we as caregivers/parents need to exemplify the highest level of sportsmanship by supporting all players, coaches, team managers, referees, and parents.  
  • By showing a positive attitude toward the game and all of its participants, our child will benefit.

Therefore, we agree to the following Code of Conduct Policy: 

  1. Encourage our child to play by the rules. Children learn best by example, so applaud the good plays of both teams.
  2. Emphasize skill development and practices and how they benefit our young athlete.
  3. Recognize the importance of volunteer coaches. They are important to the development of our child and the sport. Communicate with them and support them. Support rules, guidelines, and expectations set forth by the coaches and coordinators.
  4. Promote and support CCYHA’s Player Code of Conduct and rules set forth by USA Hockey.
  5. Observe the 24-hour rule: No caregiver/parent, or relative of any CCYHA player, in a fit of frustration/anger over a player’s ice time/position, coaches’ play of a player, and/or team status per our tryout policy will contact the coach, divisional coordinator, or any other member of the CCYHA Board of Trustees within 24 hours. This includes by email, phone call, text message, written/typed letters, or any other social media avenue.
  6. Caregivers or parents who are evicted from any rink may be subject for review by the CCYHA Board of Trustees.
  7. No inappropriate yelling at players either on our team or the opposing team. Caregivers/parents who are hostile or otherwise act inappropriately toward players in any arena or via email, phone call, text messages, written/typed letters, or any other social media site may be subject for review by the CCYHA Board of Trustees.
  8. No inappropriate actions toward coaches, referees, or opposing team’s parents. Caregivers/parents who create hostile or other inappropriate actions toward any coaches, referees, or opposing team fans in any arena or via email, phone call, text messages, written/typed letters, or any other social media site may be subject for review by the CCYHA Board of Trustees.
  9. Communicate violations of the Code of Conduct. Any CCYHA member witnessing or involved in a violation of any portion of the CCYHA Caregiver/Parent Code of Conduct may bring the issue forward, after the 24-hour rule, to the Board of Trustees by emailing the Director of Hockey Operations, President, or Vice President.

Depending on facts and circumstances, consequences due to violation(s) of the above may range from probation or suspension of the caregiver/parent, and possibly the player, from CCYHA events (including team events, practices, games, tournaments), to expulsion from CCYHA.

Any concern brought to the Disciplinary Committee may be referred for a hearing if warranted. Past concerns may be taken into account by the Disciplinary Committee. The CCYHA Board of Trustees and Director of Hockey Operations will notify the individual(s) in writing after a disciplinary hearing (if necessary), outlining the sanction that is being set forth. This will be done in a timely manner.

Sanctions will start as quickly as possible after a discussion between the appropriate CCYHA Board member(s) and the involved caregiver/parent(s). 

All inappropriate actions and resulting sanctions will be communicated to other local hockey associations.

If a caregiver/parent does not agree with a sanction or disciplinary action, please refer to the CCYHA Grievance Policy.

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