New To Hockey

Who are these FAQs intended for?

The FAQs on this page are intended for parents of new players that are interested in getting started in hockey. These FAQs are intended to address some of the common questions we get asked about kids and parents that want to give the great game of hockey a try. 

Where can my child learn to skate?

The OhioHealth Chiller runs a comprehensive Learn to Skate and Blue Jackets Hockey program. Classes are offered all year long. Generally, children are prepared for a House League program after completing the final session of Learn to Skate. Instructors can confirm whether or not your child is ready for organized hockey.

Does my child have to know how to skate to play hockey at CCYHA?

It is important to have a basic level of skating skills (in hockey skates, not only figure skates) which will make your child's introduction to a hockey league more enjoyable. Skating is the foundation of hockey. Programs oustide of CCYHA can provide the introductory level of skating to teach younger players the basic skills needed to succeed and to introduce them to the basics of hockey. Please be aware that at the 14U/Bantam level, checking is a part of hockey. Parents of new players at this age group should be fully aware of body contact and possible injury.

CCYHA's Development program offers high caliber players in house programs such as the Blue Jackets Hockey League, additional opportunities to develop their skills as individual skaters and team players. Emphasis is on the supplemental and continued growth of the players in their skills and their hockey knowledge under the guidance of CCYHA coaches. There is a tryout for these teams and does incur additional costs to families. More information can be found on our Development Team Page.

CCYHA Travel hockey program is designed for children and families that desire a greater commitment in terms of travel, ice time, cost and skill development. Travel teams typically skate 2-4 times weekly and have a more extensive game and practice schedule. Players must tryout for a spot on the travel teams in the spring. More information can be found on our Travel Hockey Page.

How do I know what level my child should play (2024-25)?

How long is the hockey season?

The hockey season typically begins August/September and concludes at the end of February/early March.

How many days a week will my child have hockey and when?

Ice touches for CCYHA players differ depending on the team the make.

Players on CCYHA Development Teams: For more information regarding the Development program please visit the Program Page.

Players on CCYHA Travel Teams: For more information regarding the Travel program please visit the Program Page.

Please note that practices can be at the various OhioHealth Chillers. 

When is registration open for hockey?

Registration to tryout for our Development or Travel teams typically opens in March.

What equipment is needed?

Players should wear full protective gear in order to play safely and enjoy the sport.  Equipment includes the following:  stick • skates • shin pads • hockey pants • hockey gloves • protective cup • elbow pads • shoulder pads • helmet with mask.

Players interested in being a full-time goalie should purchase their own equipment as CCYHA does not typically provide equipment for full-time goalies due to the different sizes of the players and should get used to their own gear.

Detailed information on where to purchase or how to put on hockey equipment can be found our Equipment Page.

How are teams selected?

CCYHA Development and Travel teams are selected through a tryout process in the spring.

Can I register with a friend?

It is great to register to tryout with friends to play the great game of hockey. However, as CCYHA teams are selected through a tryout process, placement on the same team is not guaranteed.

What about soccer and other fall sports?

There is a short 2-3 week window where there is an overlap. We encourage children to participate in other activities and we understand that children may miss during this period. Communication with coaches is important for planning. 

How are the girls and boys divided up?

CCYHA offers competitive all-girls travel or developments teams that plays surrounding communities/states for girls aged 10-19.  Female players can elect to participate on co-ed teams as well.

Who do I contact if I am interested in coaching or helping out?

Our volunteer coaching applications are located under our Programs page starting in early July. We welcome volunteers as they are the foundation of our program. In addition to ice, the number of players that can participate is limited by the number of volunteer coaches. If you would be interested in volunteering in other capacities during the season please email us at

Still have questions

If after reading the information above you still have questions, feel free to email us and your questions will be routed to the appropriate person.


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